Canine Physiotherapy



The aim of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and restore musculoskeletal and neurological function and movement. If your dog has had a recent injury, undergone surgery or suffers from a chronic disease such as osteoarthritis then physiotherapy can help your dog to feel more comfortable and restore their functional movements so they can get back to enjoying life to the full.

Ideal for dogs after an injury or surgery and for those that have a chronic condition such as osteoarthritis.
What can physiotherapy

be used for?

Physiotherapy can be used to help rehabilitate dogs after injury or surgery and support in the management of chronic conditions. Below are a few examples of how physiotherapy could be useful to your dog.

Chronic Pain

Chronic joint or muscle pain such as back pain or osteoarthritis can be reduced by using massage, stretching, electrotherapies and the provision of a home therapeutic exercise plan

Pre and Post Surgery

Physiotherapy can be used to help your dog both before and after musculoskeletal or neurological surgery to help speed up and improve recovery using a variety of therapy techniques.


Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries such as ligament, tendon and muscle pulls and tears can be treated using a combination of massage, stretching, red light therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Orthopedic Conditions

Common ailments treated by physiotherapy include cranial cruciate ligament rupture, patella laxation, total hip replacement, fracture repair, elbow and hip dysplasia

Neurological Conditions

Physiotherapy uses a variety of techniques to restore function to the neurological system. Common conditions treated include IVVD, wobblers and degenerative myelopathy

mobile appointments

in the north cotswolds

We provide a mobile veterinary physiotherapy service allowing us to assess your dog in the comfort of their own home. This reduces the need for potentially uncomfortable or painful car journeys when they are recovering from injury or surgery.

Dogs are also more comfortable and relaxed in their own home improving the effectiveness of their treatment.

Located in the North Cotswolds we cover areas within Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire including the main towns of Shipston on Stour, Banbury, Stratford upon Avon, Chipping Norton and Moreton in the Marsh.

Appointments are available by prior arrangement. Due to teaching commitments during term time I am only available during the day Monday and Wednesday but I can arrange to see your pet on evenings or Saturday if needed.

Your Appointment


We like to ensure there are no unexpected costs for your pets treatment. So we like to be transparent about the cost of treatment so you know what is affordable for you and your dog.

These are the standard costs for canine physiotherapy appointments we offer (all prices correct as of April 2024)

Initial Assessment
    Initial Assessment


    Initial Assessments typically take 1.5-2 hours.

    Follow Up Assessment
      Follow Up Assessment


      Follow up Assessments typically take 1 hour

      Follow up Assessment Pre Payment
        Follow up Assessment Pre Payment


        Saving you over 10% you can pay for 5 follow up treatments in advance.

          Your Appointment

          what to expect

          A full history and musculoskeletal assessment of your pet is undertaken. This involves checking your dogs posture, gait, bones, joints and muscle. Videos and photographs will be taken during the assessment so that comparisons can be made in future. Following assessment your dog will be given a treatment which consists of a range of physiotherapeutic techniques including massage, stretching, hot/cold therapy, red light therapy and remedial exercises. A tailored exercise plan will be given to you following your appointment which may include some of the exercises shown during the session which you can continue to perform at home.

          During the appointment you will be asked to move and handle your dog . If this is not possible please let us know at the time of booking your appointment so alternative arrangements can be made.

          Follow up appointments are typically required, the amount and the time intervals between treatments is dependent upon the patient and condition being treated.

          Please be aware it is normal for animals to appear stiff and lethargic following treatment. Please ensure they have plenty of water available and lighter exercise may be required for a couple of days. This is normal and is just the body adjusting to the treatment given and is followed by positive changes.




            Lily – Post IVDD Surgery

            The love and care you have shown Lily has been wonderful and your calm and gentle nature as well as your expertise has been so reassuring. It has been a pleasure seeing you each visit.


              Jake – Post TPLO Surgery

              I cannot thank you enough for the help and support you have provided Jake and myself following his recent surgery. The recovery has been much smoother than anticipated thanks to your skills and Jake is so much fitter.


                Marley – Osteoarthritis

                You have given life back to our beloved old boy. Marley had been so much slower on his walks and struggling around the house but now he is able to enjoy his favourite time of the day – Walkies!!!

                Does your pet need physiotherapy?

                To discuss the treatment options for your pet or to book an appointment call Hayley on 07972 438684 or email: Alternatively you can use the contact form just press the link to the right. 

                Please be aware that if your pet is lame, has suffered a recent injury or undergone surgery then written consent from your veterinary surgeon must be obtained. We can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that this process is as quick and smooth as possible.