Points of the Dog


How many of you are used to seeing the points of the horse? This is one of the first things you learn in horsemanship and trust me there are a lot of new equine terms to get your head around.

What about the dog? How well do you know your dog anatomy? How many dog owners can tell you where the withers or pin bones are? Not many, but if you are working with breeders, people who show their dogs or are involved in other canine activities learning the points of the dog is a great starting point. Interested in canine anatomy? Then start here too.

When you start looking at the dog you will probably be able to pick out certain areas which are similar to us. I bet you could have a good guess at where the elbow or forearm. Other areas are pretty obvious like the eyes, ears and tail but what about the front pastern, stop and second thigh? This is where I have drawn a diagram to help you locate all these new terms.

See how many you already know and how many are new?

Diagram of a dog showing the points of the dog.

These are all terms used by judges in dog showing so if you are thinking of showing your dog or breeding these are terms which will help you to understand what the judges mean.

If you are planning on learning vet med, vet physio or any other career involving animals this is also important to learn so that you can discuss certain points with people who know this terminology.

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