What to expect

What to Expect

Your pets first physiotherapy session normally takes up to 1.5 hours. We begin by taking a full history to full understand your pets needs and their condition. This time also allows your pet to become accustomed and relaxed to my presence within their house and a chance to observe their movements at rest.

For dogs you will then be asked to walk and trot your dog outside preferably on hard ground, this allows an assessment of your dog’s gait to see how it can be improved. Videos and photographs may also be taken to make a comparison of their progress throughout their treatment. 

After, we undertake a full physical assessment of your pet. This requires palpation of the bones, joints and muscles, testing of joint range of motion and other neurological and orthopaedic examinations are conducted as necessary. Pain responses will also be noted at this stage.

We will then commence to the treatment which may consist of massage, joint range of motion, stretching, hot and cold therapy and depending on the patients ability some exercises may be prescribed. Throughout the treatment session you may be shown how to perform some of the techniques which you can then continue with until the follow up session. 

Throughout the session, you may be required to move and handle your pet, comfort and reassure them and provide them with food or treats as need. If you may have difficulty providing this, then please let us know when you book your appointment, it may be necessary for someone else to be present who can assist with various treatment exercises.

Following the session, a customised treatment plan is provided for your pets needs. 

Please be aware that many animals may appear stiff, sore or lethargic after their treatment and may require lighter exercise for the next few days following their treatment, this is normal and allows the body to adjust to the treatment given and is followed by positive changes. 

Follow up sessions are typically required and time intervals between treatments will depend on the patient and the condition being treated. Further treatment sessions usually are 45 minuets to 1 hour long to allow reassessment and treatment of your pet. 

Does your pet need physiotherapy?

To discuss the treatment options for your pet or to book an appointment call Hayley on 07972 438684 or email: hayley@vitalityvp.com. Alternatively you can use the contact form just press the link to the right. 

Please be aware that if your pet is lame, has suffered a recent injury or undergone surgery then written consent from your veterinary surgeon must be obtained. We can make all the necessary arrangements to ensure that this process is as quick and smooth as possible.